Thinking this is the life!


Before I start, I hoped you’ve watched ‘the descendants.’ A warm heartfelt comedy.

Today I spoke to many of my school friends that for some unknown reason I never took the chance to connect with before. It was a change from the current group of people I hang out with and sort of a relief. I went through old pictures and thought well those times were fun. Decided it was about time I stop watching the past in front of me and go create some more moments to remember.

It’s alright to miss people, to be a bit homesick. It quite hmm… natural. I miss my sisters and friends. But have never been quite homesick since I’ve always been excited by whichever new place I’ve travelled to. I just remind myself that things do get better, and that I’m not alone. I walked out of my room and started conversations with my friends here and there and they all spoke about their frustrations.

A point to clear, there are guys out there who like to gossip more than the women I’ve met, guys who have bad mood swings and some that really act like babies. I guess it’s their way of protecting themselves.

But back on the topic of feeling a bit down and homesick is the fact that I’ve got things to do, targets to achieve and most importantly…

I’ve got chocolates, milkshakes and my friends. 

P.S. – The past week I cooked a dreadful hot and sour soup that turned out like a gravy. The chef couldn’t suppress the obvious comment that I made a gravy rather than a soup. No excuses, that was one bad soup. Chinese food, not my mug of milkshake.


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