Too much candy’s going to rot the soul

from the dear coffee friend..crackle.

from the dear coffee friend..crackle.

The crisis that everyone meets at one point or another. In a short while I’ve listened to some of my close friends being bothered by whether they’ve made the right choices. While I convince them that everything’s fine, I have a very ‘Chandler’ moment. I freak myself out. In this not so long life that I’ve lived, there are those times that I introspect and think about what exactly’s going on. Have I made the right decisions, am I screwing my self over and setting up an inevitable trap? It’s like when the going gets tough, it’s about time I leave. I think back to what led me to my decisions and at a time they seemed right, so why am I questioning myself now?

I keep repeating the same process, the same mistakes. There have been times where I’ve lost good friends to silly reasoning and though blaming them makes it easier, and at times it has been due to their decisions, I can’t help but think whether I really did do justice. Reasoning isn’t an option when emotions start to play about. Realization sets in too late. Time is definitely a bitch but quite the healer at times. One things for sure, I should really lower down my expectations, of myself and others. It’s about time I concentrate on myself, on what I want to accomplish. So I tuck that chopstick over my ear, and get on with my work. I set out for what’s within my capability, because, well yes, reading books is one thing, facing reality is a whole other.

It’s always going to be a scary intimidating world outside my comfort zone, might as well let go of the silly illusions and get real!

Fluffy happiness. The many sides of sugar.

Fluffy happiness. The many sides of sugar.

P.S.- 3 days to Inferno!

P.P.S.- Was let down to hear that ‘Hello’ wasn’t coined by Graham Bell after his girlfriend Mageret Hello so she’d be remembered. It’s still good fiction.


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