The silly little odd seat


[Note: I consider this quite silly, but important]

Where should I seat myself?

he wears a white sock.

he wears a white sock.

As insignificant as this may seem, it’s an important question I tend to ask myself. Depending on where I am though, for instance in a cafeteria, which group of friends do I sit with? I’m friendly with almost everyone, don’t care what the other person is like. But then everyone forms their own group and I tend to flow from one to another, with a few who remain a constant. I did at once have to rotate my seat constantly amongst 5 groups.

I like keeping people happy.

Well then there’s also what sort of seat is provided. I like sitting on a staircase, people roam up and down, and it’s pleasant to say hi to a few if I can take my eyes of the book I usually read. There’s also sitting on the sandy beaches of Goa, it’s really quite relaxing, especially when I start digging a deep wide hole. Then there’s sitting on grassy lawns, railings, swings, and the edge of tables.

Though everyone does tend to sit on chairs. I like chairs, but I tend to swing from side to side cause their motionless. Rocking chairs are fun though and I have overturned them in excitement. What about sofa’s and couches? Aren’t they so comfy? But is comfy good enough? I’ve always wanted to blend together fun and comfy. Fun in the sense of sitting on the branch of a tree or even in an auto for instance. Comfy like a bean bag. Car’s aren’t always comfy, they get me all drowsy.

I didn’t forget the toilet seat. It is quite important.  Though I like sitting alone while watching the stars, I do like good company, especially if there’s something to eat.

I’d love to sit on a cake that’s all fancy, and then act all godzilla like while sitting on it.

Though if presented the question…Which seat would you choose?

The odd friends say:

The Marked One:  Like the green seats on the old buses. [Don’t ask. I have no clue myself.]

The coffee nut: Likes sitting down on the pavement and on mom’s lap.[this one’s cute]

The  tea pot: Likes sitting on a heavily padded chair for the comfort.[well someone had to say a chair.]

The Caribbean: Likes the beach. The bed’s next.  [not bad]

The Bang Bang girl: Likes her Boyfriends lap. [definitely not my choice]

The Car dude: likes sitting in a car. [surely not my choice]

The Shit Happens girl: the pot, it’s so relaxing. [as I said, the loo]

The roommate: likes sitting on his butt.[don’t we all?]

The High Jackie: Likes sitting on breasts. [mind you it’s edited but not my best choice]

The T-Rex: likes sitting on the couch. [of all the things out there]

The beet: Likes a ‘comfy’ couch. Would prefer someone sitting on his lap. [too mainstream that couch is]

The blue shirt guy: Absolutely nothing. [I’m a bit puzzled with this. Think it’s a hard to get situation.]

Pope Rocky: Would like to sit on his mothers lap. [This is just adorable]

P.S. – My heads all clogged up, and this is what brainstorming with a pal led me to think of.


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