A Ravenclaw’s 3 wheeler to Hogwarts

turning the meter brings such joy

turning the meter brings such joy


Have you ever experienced a ride in an auto-rickshaw?

To me, it’s better than a car which usually brings on a sleepy aura or worse, nausea. Even if there is a music system, a car ride wears off. Unlike the rick, where a music system is just downright funny playing old Bollywood hits. A car usually brings on this dead silence that’s usually awkward as everyone’s doing their own thing. There’s just something about the rick that’s different. The open air that flows in, a reason the side seats are preferred to stretch out one’s legs. The typical motor noise that drowns out the silence. Turning the meter and watching your fare build up or just figuring out how to seat a huge group in such a small vehicle.

What makes the ride more enjoyable is the rick itself. No two rickshaw’s are identical, or maybe in the bigger picture they are, I haven’t been seated in one that looks familiar to another so far. Each driver seems to have pimped out their rides to suit themselves. I’ve been in ricks that are lined in frills, have colourful lights in them, reflective ornaments, spikes on the rim of the wheels [quite common, and reminds me of the Gladiator], lights on the wheels, sun roofs, chimes, a royal seat for the driver himself, brightly coloured interiors, and so on.  There is even one I believe had a nitrous oxide system as it carried heavyweight people as well as myself, up a steep hill quicker than any other auto out there.

The blue retro interiors, for a Ravenclaw

The blue retro interiors, for a Ravenclaw

I admit that most of my rides in a rick have been on other people’s laps and take your head out of the gutter.  I was lightweight seeing as how thin I am, though I am bony, so it at times did cause discomfort. But as perverted as it sounds, I enjoyed those rides. The silly English language.

The auto guy, much of the ride depends on him as well and I haven’t come by a female driver. There are those that talk a lot, those that mind their own business and those that creep me out. The ones that creep me out reminds me of one particular driver who started giving out advice on living. Then there are those auto guys that like making a few stops here and there along the way, and it’s nothing bothersome, as there’s more time to spend in the rick. There’s hardly any choice left other than to trust the auto guy as he knows his way around. The ones that don’t, just need a bit of help, the best way to ask some one walking by for directions.

Three men in blue shirts on one bike, the day was filled with blue.

Three men in blue shirts on one bike, the day was filled with blue.

Mind you, I’ve heard tale that an overweight guy overturned the rick to its side. My weirdest experience was eating a meal too large, and sleeping on my friends laps all lined up. Did kick another friend walking on the street on the butt as my legs were sticking out of the rickshaw as it slowed down to a halt until, I yelled, ” go..go..GO!” and the auto guy obeyed to drop us at a safe distance.

These odd friends share their thoughts on what’s fun in an auto rickshaw ride..

The Shit Happens girl: likes the rickshaw itself and the driver. [shit happens is her trademark]

The roommate: likes that it’s nice and open so as to swing out. [find that wild, but why would one swing out?]

The coffee nut: likes to talk to the driver. [and not the Almighty Buttcrack]

The tea pot: likes looking out of the rickshaw to get this sense of travelling..moving. [wasn’t high]

The Caribbean: The ride is fun. [took a while to think about what to say]

The Marked One: The ease in availability. [Quite true]

The Car dude: likes that it’s similar to a train where he can he keep his leg out on the edge.[two very different vehicles]

Pope Rocky: can make out openly when it rains and the sheets are down. [ surprisingly makes sense]

Blue blue blue auto's

Blue blue blue auto’s


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