The thin line between Our self and Our people


Not making a decision, is a decision.

Is it hard to believe that one lacks self-control?

I hear about all sorts of addictions and about how it’s become more of a need than somewhat a habit. I think self-control is no more than another choice in life. Addiction, quite a pseudo side of the human psyche. It’s a matter of our own choices. Saying one has no option on what choices to make in life is literally quite fatuous.

It seems that as cold as one is, we all are in a way in tune with one another. So for one of us to go haywire sets us all up to fall down like a set of dominoes. It’s quite puzzling as each thought seems to contradict another.

Silly thoughts.

Though I am sort of crossing the line on being judgemental, I see no reason for one to intoxicate themselves. It’s not true fun that you can cherish forever.

What I like about each meal is that I get dessert in the end. Yes, it is true that I did say life is too short to wait for dessert at the end, but the wait for dessert is all part of the sensual delight after all.

That’s my way of getting off a serious topic.

P.S. – have fun.


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