The outcome of milkshakes, coffees, soft-drinks and sweets.

what a friend sent when I was frantic

what a friend sent when I was frantic

Punching doors and mirrors is not in me and I don’t advice others in doing the same. In a short while, I’ve come across a few people who’ve all injured their hands due to punching the lights out of inanimate objects. I did my part in lecturing them, though I really don’t see the need in injuring one’s own self. I understand frustration, it’s part of being a human. But why not fuel that frustration into something productive.

Sound like a school counsellor.

Have I really become that old?


I hate it when I’m the responsible one, which is what feels like always.

To be truthful it’s fun being responsible as well.

And I leave my oddball brain to start contradicting its own thoughts.

Too many milkshakes, coffees, softdrinks and sweets, time to call it a day.

P.S. – it’s taking all my strength not to type out any more. I realize this isn’t making any sense, though I do wonder if nonsense put together makes any sense at all?  

P.P.S. – Oh, and I do throw around punches. My friends to receive them mostly due to them getting stuck in the most silly situations. I respect books too much to throw them at people, though situations do call for them. I believe breaking dawn is fat enough to throw, and it would be insulting to be hit by it as well.


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