The leaves that flutter by the smiles

I walked past it and marvelled at its beauty.

I walked past it and marvelled at its beauty.

I’ve been presented a mystery which is quite puzzling, hence a mystery it is. Quite unsure whether it was something to bother my mind about or not, until it was presented to me by others. The same puzzling question.

If you see a person happy, is that the origin of envy?

At first I thought myself to be too obnoxious, like why would anyone envy myself or anyone else for that matter. That’s a little too self-centred. I am always surrounded by wonderful people, but when those wonderful people meet each other, they don’t say a word. It’s quite conflicting with the way they act around me. Which provokes me to remind them that I am not their owl.

The buttcrack is the first person who literally talks to the various groups I hang about. That’s where the puzzle presents itself. For days I’ve seen, and the Buttcrack has observed everyone stare at us quite openly while we laugh about something quite random. Though when these people are approached, some of them my friends for over almost 2 years, they don’t seem to say a word.

I am confounded. Everyone seems to be so lonely, except those in a relationship. But I’m not in a relationship and I’m happy. So why does everyone seem so sad?  I think they need a cup of coffee, as my close friend the coffee nut, would agree with me, though the teapot might not. Then there’s the Buttcrack, who like myself can get high on the joy of life. I mean everything seems so funny as the words I type out to the trees around me.(So full of myself, aren’t I?)

Try going out and bowing down to a tree, going hello [stretch the ‘o’ part]  and as stupid as it may seem to the logical mind, the child in you is literally laughing, a reason that silly smile arises.

I love making people smile, so I end this puzzling post with my smile saying hello to yours.


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