One Pound more “ad induendum pondus!” – 3, 4 & 5


Day 3

{A message from  here to there and everywhere: This is just one of my small adventures and I shall continue to share the other oddities around me. Part of the title “ad induendum pondus” is latin for “to put on weight”}

It was an amazing day, and yes I managed to finish everything off my plate for each meal. The day was fun but exhausting especially with the menu planning workshop I had to attend. Breakfast included pancakes with chocolate sauce, buttered toast and baked beans, a glass of orange juice and milk. Pancakes were hard to digest, which as always reminds me of a chef who said “its food for cattle and not for humans”, which stands true as it can’t be digested easily by our system.

Lunch was not memorable, quite the usual, it was just myself and the Buttcrack making use of April 1st to pull of a prank. Dinner was scrumptious, even though I did take my time in eating everything off the plate. Murgh tikka labadar, dal haryali, rice, roti and pineapple sheera.

I was too exhausted during dinner especially after dancing throughout the day during the menu planning workshop.  The most exciting part of the workshop was the  Buttcrack and I doing the Harlem shake in the banquet hall. We did have permission to do it from our faculty, wasn’t like  a flash mob or anything. I did have an amazing time.

Day 4

Today was brilliant leading my team to a win in a menu planning workshop hosted by Max Hauser. The meals were as usual. No change in my weight as usual. But I do like the fact that I’m not wasting food which was a bothersome habit that I’d picked up over time.  Dinner was fun with us daring each other to eat jalebi’s that were salted and peppered. I downloaded a lot of music, mostly trance as I did get bored by my current playlist and needed something different. Though this post is all about my quest to gaining a few more pounds, which still seems impossible at the moment.

Day 5

I was too exhausted for the past two days to post anything, though it felt like I was abandoning my duty to my readers, well the few that are out there. I skipped breakfast as I was too lazy to get up and today was a well-earned holiday after yesterday’s victory. Lunch was quite a disappointment, with soy beans turning to mush and becoming one with the gravy.

Though I was reminded yet again, that even if the food is quite dull, good company erases that out completely.

A few hours till dinner is served. Hopefully a better meal.

[Dinner included Gulab jamuns, kheema, pav bhaji and mango milkshake. Quite odd, but delightful.]




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