Two Birds – Regina Spektor


A delicate song, that’s usually misinterpreted. The rhythm quite childish, it’s lyrics quite true. I’ve read on and on about how the song is all about break ups and to a certain extent even drug abuse [The internet is no stranger to fatuous information].

As I flow intune with the music, I realized the number of times I’ve been in that exact situation. It conveys the message of how in various circumstances, an individual never wants a moment to end. The moment I’ve had a dish and I’ve never wanted the next bite to be the last one or where I’m having the most amazing time with a friend and wishing that everything could just stay as it is.

part of a larger doodle. This to appreciate and ReSpekt.

part of a larger doodle. This to appreciate and ReSpekt.

The song switches narrative to a person or bird in her terms, who’s ready to stay by your side and wait as long as possible, believing all the excuses thrown at them. Though eventually they have to move on as well. I think it’s sort of like them trying to set an example.

But then reality hits in, and the moments over, everyone moves forward, though I’d stay stuck in the past wishing things could be the same again while putting on the brave smile I’m so used to. But ofcourse with my immature wisdom I learn that there is always something better waiting out there. It’s the experiences that count, and the more the better. As hard as it is to move on, it is advisable, or else you are missing out on all the fun.

Two Birds of a Feather.


4 thoughts on “Two Birds – Regina Spektor

  1. Izzy

    I agree with that , although I get a much sadder feel from the song . In my mind , I inturprate the birds as two friends . One is depressed but the other dosent know , but senses something wrong and keeps asking the depressed friend to tell them , and that’s where the ” I’ll believe it all , there’s , nothing I won’t understand ” line comes in . And the depressed friend just wants to stay home where it’s safe from the outside world , but the other friend wants to go out and explore . The end is the really sad part : so trigger warning . The last line of that song , ” two … Birds… On a wire… One , tries to fly , away , and the other…” Is in my Mind , the depressed friend dies , and the other friend has to move on . Although I may be the only person who imagines this . XD

    • I really like that view and I’m happy you shared it, as you may have been the only one to have imagined it in such a manner. Thanks for that little insight and smile, her new song has released. *hands swaying in the air*

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