One Pound more “ad induendum pondus!”


Day 1

Baby Steps.

{A message from  here to there and everywhere: This is just one of my small adventures and I shall continue to share the other oddities around me. Part of the title “ad induendum pondus” is latin for “to put on weight”}

Considering this as a baby step, I set out on what one could consider quest. But that’d be silly. seriously!

Baby steps according to the Almighty buttcrack.

Baby steps according to the Almighty buttcrack.

So I decided to gain a few pounds, I am extremely slim. I’ve always been thin, ranging from  50 to 55 kg or 110 to 121 pounds which is underweight. As much as I do eat, I’ve gained none. Blame it on high metabolism. I am not Anorexic! Even when I’m feeling low, I head for the stuff rich in calories.

forgot about the pit! hurt like a freak!

forgot about the pit! hurt like a freak!

Now I can’t hog on calorie rich food all at once, so I’m starting with a few baby steps to eventually increase my intake of food. It is an experiment. Have a good feeling it’s not going to work out. Since my family, especially my aunts, think I’m suffering from malnutrition and force feed me every time I stay over for a month. I really do want to gain a few pounds.



The above plate comprises of a Dal Tadka, on a bed of steamed rice, a Roti, bowl of Mango ice-cream, Chicken curry on the top right and  a Okra fry below it.

Clearly, I cannot jump to a humongous diet out of the blue, but gradually yes. And I pride myself on self-control, well at least in certain situations [got a bad cold and still ate a bowl of ice-cream.], so once I’m satisfied with my weight, I shall eat proper proportions. But for now, I am aiming for huge.

Obviously I’m aiming for the protein, carbohydrate and vitamin rich diet. I have no restrictions in eating. Lets see if it works out. I’ll give myself a month. If there is little or no change, I shall adjust it to a longer period when the time comes. But say at least 5 kg which is 11 pounds more by the end of April 2013.

P.S.If anyone has any knowledge about gaining weight, especially for people with a high metabolism, please feel free to inform me.


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