The White Queen and her Jam.

There's something about it.

There’s something about it.

“Remember when you were a kid and your mom would drop you off at the movies, with a jar of jam and a little spoon” – Joey Tribbiani

Comedy just isn't the same any more.

Comedy just isn’t the same any more.

So I watched a random episode of one of my favourite series, Friends, “The one with all the Jam” [Season 3 episode 3], and the idea popped into my head as to “why isn’t there anyone I know other than myself who makes jam?”

Its such a simple task and the end result is a sweet fruity delight. 

The aroma's are one you'll find hard to resist. Love whisks!

The aroma’s are one you’ll find hard to resist. Love whisks!

Sure I didn’t embark on the journey of jam making with a clear overview, it started off when I ran out of jam in the fridge while I was baking a marble cake, and while at home, its tradition to always top marble cake with jam which was my sisters crazy thought while baking a marble cake for my other sister’s birthday, for whom we together baked three different cakes for, which is a whole other story. So no jam was around, but I did have strawberries that were going way beyond overripe.

So lusciously RED!!!!

So lusciously RED!!!!

I love swivelling the batter to create patterns.

I love swivelling the batter to create patterns.

Pulled out a pan and started cooking them down with a tiny bit of water, a spoonful or so. I did add the small bottle of jam that my college room-mate lent me, and voilà! The whole kitchen was filled with these perfumed aroma’s of strawberries, fruity sugar and condensed milk, though there was none. The strawberries broke down into its own juices and after pricking the marble cake, I poured the luke warm syrupy jam all over.

the result of boredom.

the result of boredom.

The resulting cake was amazing. For one I was too lazy to go to the store, so I used wheat flour since it was all I had {used the refined flour for many many pancakes} which resulted in a dense cake. But the jam really gave it a nice edge, and the cocoa flavoured side of the cake had a bit of cinnamon as well, which went really nice with the strawberries.

I do like colours.

I do like colours.

The simplicity of making jam and that too with good results intrigues me to embark on a path of jam making whenever time permits me to, though hopefully this time with a bit of scheduled planning and whatever’s in season, strawberry season is sadly over. Reminds me of the White Queen trying to bribe Alice to work for her, cause making jams is something put off quite often.

“The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday – but never jam to-day.” The White Queen, Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there by Lewis Carroll.

I found the name quite amusing. Yes, I do have a perverted edge. Its hilarious.

I found the name quite amusing. Yes, I do have a perverted edge. Its hilarious.

Its not a task for everyone, though it is awfully simple for anyone!


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