A tad bit Rebellious.


“my primary purpose is to educate, to keep telling people what is important.” – Patricia Unterman, The San Francisco Examiner.

OBJECTION! -as I read the article, she mentioned “90% of the people who eat out aren’t even thinking about it.”

Why should they? their primary purpose is to eat, and eat only. Frankly, they don’t care if the authentic ingredient is substituted for a cheaper more reliable product as long as its a delight to eat, or seriously, get ready to pay up and leave with a lighter wallet. If you can read this and understand everything I am trying to relay, you are literate.

As a writer, I am not here to educate my readers but rather guide whosoever is interested in having a delightful time, to the eateries that have provided me with a satisfying experience.

To most readers, a review is to know whether or not the meal is worth the card, then the secondary need is to know their whereabouts and gain some knowledge, and lastly for a good read. Truth be told, the good read is usually looking out for something juicy.

It truly is distasteful to read something snobby and pretentious.

P.S. -The book Dining out is absolutely brilliant.

by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page

by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page


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