If Voldemort had a nose…


I do have an assignment to work on, but it’s quite boring and I don’t take kindly to assignments that are thrown on me at the last moment when an entire year passed by with no hint about it whatsoever. Even when I asked! So I try to open up a word document, and instead of a literature review, I start thinking about all the difference it would have made if Lord Voldemort had donned a nose. I can’t say what sort of nose exactly, but anything other than flat, not to sound offensive.

Would he be as dangerous? Maybe I should rephrase that, would he appear to be as dangerous with a nose, a prominent one? I don’t know, but we can weigh in just about everything he could do with a nose. For starters, would he commit as many crimes as he did? I really believe that a missing nose, or at least the point right after he lost it caused him to cast  a few Killing curses about and yell, “Crucio”. Proof for that would be the point in ‘Deathly Hallows’ wherein he found out one of his hocruxes, ‘Slytherins locket’  missing. Yikes!

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The leaves that flutter by the smiles

I walked past it and marvelled at its beauty.

I walked past it and marvelled at its beauty.

I’ve been presented a mystery which is quite puzzling, hence a mystery it is. Quite unsure whether it was something to bother my mind about or not, until it was presented to me by others. The same puzzling question.

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The Way He Looks


I stumbled upon an epic heart warming film the day before, ‘The way he looks‘, and I’m still lingering over it as I mentioned in my previous post. I do like ‘coming of age’ films, I mean, who doesn’t? ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’, ‘Easy A’ and ‘Mean Girls’. The latter two of which are quite hilarious. So it’s a Brazilian film, and unless you do speak Portuguese like my relatives in Goa, you’ll want subtitles. Continue reading

Peach Schnapps vs The Flash


 I’m going to regret posting this when I come to my senses, it doesn’t help that ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen is playing in my head. 

Firstly, the heat’s getting to me like ‘ . O ‘ with ‘.’ being myself and ‘O’ being the sun. So the Reverse Flash took a page out of Voldemort’s book of dying out of style, that is in the movie of-course. Never truly appreciated the change in Voldemort’s death in the movie, in the final book, he’s killed by his own curse, by a chain of events he kick-started, and dropped dead an empty shell of a corpse. The corpse, which McGonagall had moved to one of the dungeons nonetheless,  showed Voldemort’s mortality, his vulnerability which the movie counterpart failed to deliver.


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The Old Tomato!


I was too busy to write, and this was supposed to be posted a week ago, but I was really enjoying a good episode of the Flash! If I had a gold coin for every time I’ve exclaimed “The Flash, THE FLASH!” to one of my closest friends, I’d not be rich, but I’d be getting there. It’s been 23 episodes, so 23 weeks of constant nagging to discuss everything about the Flash! Only to be interrupted by well many breaks following winter and ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’, which I keep aside since it constantly calls for a binge. The only good I love more than Grant Gustin’s open letter to the fans of the show, are the group of friends  that I’ve been buggering about the show to. They haven’t watched the show, or don’t follow it or have no knowledge of what I’m talking about. Aren’t they the best?


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A Matter of space: My hand or her boob?


The second tale:

It’s about a number of instances where this female coworker would constantly brush herself all up in my personal space. I’m an expressive person, at-least I think I am and my hands fling about. I remember a year ago when my entire class was called on stage for a final dance, I had to get my “groove” on! I had fun but I did injure a lot of friends in the process. So coming back, the first instance it was really an accident wherein my hand flicked what was definitely not a fruit, and obviously everyone in the room saw it cause they had no lives of their own.

Since my wifi is down. Hop you little dino… hop hop hop! Gotta #love a #Trex #google #game

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A Matter of Space: My nose or his breath?


A certain Parsi suggested the ..what should I call it.. interesting? title. Have to give them what they want, they are on the verge of extinction. *cue muffled laughter* Now I’ve had brief instances wherein people baffle me with their habits. Not saying that I don’t have my own normal habits that others deem peculiar, but for the majority I’d think the following recounts of some fairly awkward encounters should help paint an image. Apart from that, I’m still hungover Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix. Three binges, three days, time well spent.

There are very few and I mean ‘count them on one hand’ few,  friends who I can tolerate invading my personal space. In India, one can’t have high expectations for having their own personal space in a public transport system, let alone a public area. However, I should have some reservations for it at work. It’s a kitchen, even whilst watching a demo it’s reasonably understood that one has to, like NASA’s mission to an astronaut, or Elliot to E.T. (The extra-terrestrial), give them space!

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Monday Tarts


Hello there, I don’t know. I’m a bit frizzed (it’s an actual word) up with my internship coming to an end. A month to myself, yes I have to use up my compulsory leaves and so on. It’s exhausting having to think of something to do the entire day, especially when I’m suffering from an extreme case of the lazy. (I just deleted an entire paragraph, cause you know, brains be crazy) Moving on,  I have shifted to a new laptop which is quite confusing because I got really comfortable with the previous keyboard. Beware of typos. I did give a trial on my last day. I was restricted to one plate, quite disappointing and at the same time made the task a bit more difficult. I wanted to show as many techniques and dishes I had learnt and perfected so far but to put on one plate would be sort of a mess, considering flavours (ooh, wordpress uses US English? whimsy) and components. A bit hypocritical to say the least because my final plate did have a lot going on, but it worked together which I was fine with.

A bit overwhelmed by the number of options open to me and having to work with tact required some time. I took some time out during the break to list down my thoughts on textures, flavours and dishes. It did help and I always had the back up of making a Panna Cotta if all else failed. Somewhat of a thing between a colleague who considers himself bad at desserts and myself, who loves to eat and the day we spent eating panna cottas that he made for his own trial. Well he had to do a 5 course meal, so he could afford a simple dessert at the end of complex menu. So apart from the deviation off topic, there is a point which is that I did have a back up.

The touchstone.

The touchstone.

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Monday Macarons


Before I sleep, I’d like to point out that I miss the Mondays where we’d taste wines and liqueurs and yeah also learn a little. I didn’t really mind how this Monday went by as well. Roaming about looking through my penguin binoculars for patisseries, peg-uin if you happen to be Benedict Cumberbatch. Auto-walas didn’t disappoint when asked for directions to the peculiar ‘Le-15′, though he seemed more relaxed than confused when I just mentioned ‘bakery’. My long time tech freak of a friend lost his macaron virginity tonight. His complete awe-struck face at some and absolute disgust at others made my day. Continue reading

Bee Stings in the Salty Rain


Yeah.. so it’s been a while since my last post, and not really sure where this post is going really. Just making it all up as I type. If I miss a few “g’s” here and there, it’s because the darn keyboard has chips and cookies jammed in it. So the craze recently is ‘The Flash’, if you haven’t watched it, you’ve got to start. It gets better with each episode and it surely gets me all riled up. I crushed chips in my fist and threw them at the screen during the ‘Flash vs Arrow’ Crossover last week yelling ‘No! Barry No!’.This week’s “Man in the Yellow Suit” got me all welled up in tears with the emotional boulder hitting all the right spots. Grant Gustin and the crew are definitely getting it right, sort of like Arrow finally pulling off the boxing glove arrow. What makes Green Arrow better than Hawkeye? He can throw a flying punch standing yards away. How randomly sweet is that! Think Marvel Agents of Shield revealed a theory on how they’ll explain Scarlet witch and Quicksilver’s origin with this week’s mid season finale. Urgh, did I just turn this into a review? Potty. Though does anyone else giggle at Barry Allen proudly stating that he’s the fastest man alive? Always gets to me, and I’m like “you go Glen Coco!”

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Pineapples and Coconuts!


Hi there you, it’s another day, done with my work and I’m free to stay up all night as it is my off tomorrow! Great isn’t it? Well I require a good day of relaxation. The chefs had a meeting pop up out of the blue and well I was left to myself with a few cookies to wrap up. So as when I always do when I am in a room to myself, *oh not that!* I sing out loud and do the instruments to my music. Today it happened to be ‘the name game’ by Shirley Ellis. I did complete an ‘American Horror Story’ marathon a week ago and that song stuck with me. I rhymed as many names and some names weren’t meant to be rhymed, example my roomie and colleague’s nick name ‘Kappi’.

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